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Manufacture of a tube Heat Exchanger
Manufacture of tube Heat Exchanger_0002
Manufacturing  a heat exchanger from scratch
Machining a  shaft
Machining a Con Rod Bearing
Machining a damaged camshaft on the lathe
Machining a damaged gear
Working on the lathe and Universal Machine
During the years we have done a number of various works. Our workshop is fully equipped with a number of machinery to perform a wide range of tasks.

In a case were the workpiece was too large to fit in our lathe, we manufactured a portable lathe to machine the damaged shaft.

On a similar occasion when a vibration dumper damged the crankshaft of an engine, we made a small portable grinding machine to repair the damaged crankshaft on the spot.

We have repaired a damaged CPP, manufactured a new rudder and re - metal and machined ME bearings.

We can also load test cargo cranes and perform annual and 5 Year LSA surveys.

Our workshop is certified as on - load release gear service station and can replace said mechanisms on Life boats.

Our workshop can also perform en situ crankshaft grinding.

These are only a limited amount of tasks undertaken by our company and highlight the diversity of the repair work we do.

The company is operating on the principle that there is a solution to every problem.
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