With our 40 years experience and our dedicated personnel working 7 days/ 24h the company is well known for quality and efficiency in all undertaken tasks. We deal with almost every aspect of ship repair such as:

Structural Repairs
Pipe manufacture and replacement.
Propellers and rudders
All types of Diesel engines
Steam Turbines
Gas Turbines
Auxiliary machinery (separators, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers etc)
Reconditioning of engine parts
Refrigeration repair
Electrical and Electronic Repair
We also undertake specialised work such as:
Pneumatic Systems
Hydraulic Systems
Hydro - Pneumatic systems
Bearings Remetal and fitting
Metallock Repair
Thorough Examination of Lifting/Lashing Gear
Issuing of NDT certificates
En situ crankshaft grinding
Load test of up to 25t
Issuing of LSA certificates (annualy and 5 - year)
Maintenance and repair of Launching appliances and release gear (certified by DMS, RINA, BV, LR, NK and ABS)
We serve as the only workshop in Cyprus to Repair, adjust and calibrate all types of governors (for both ME and auxiliaries), also for remetal and fitting of bearings.
Marpa Co Ltd Ship Repair